At Oats my Goodness, Justin and his love for food knows no bounds, stretching back as far as he can remember. With many diets and eating habits tried and tested, the journey towards a balanced and healthy relationship with food was not without twists and turns, even carrying him to a place of unhealthy body weight and low self-confidence. However, these mistakes guided him to where he is today ‒ creating a food experience he is proud to share with the ideal balance of taste, health and enjoyment of what nourishes our bodies.

The process involved extensive research on exercise and nutrition. As this information became second nature, he learned the power that food had on the ability to transform our bodies. He is now excited to share this passion and knowledge with others experiencing similar battles. After his studies, he became a qualified Personal Trainer, and his love and passion for a shared health and fitness journey began!

In no time, Justin had found his purpose. He had built a loyal customer base with people from different backgrounds, body types, ages and lifestyles. Many of the high success stories were from his middle-aged clients, finding themselves in the best physical and mental shape of their lives!

A common pain point among his clients was unhealthy, unbalanced eating habits due to the pressures of managing a busy lifestyle combined with lacklustre time management. The advice they had heard repeatedly was to prioritise ‘my time’. This process entails making time to prepare nutritionally balanced meals ahead of time to equip for the long week. However, some took this advice while others struggled to put it in consistent motion. This issue presented clarity to Justin. He realised he could help more people by creating a convenient and nutritionally balanced product.

Before long, he headed to the kitchen and began thinking about what meal provides all the essential nutrients for building a healthier lifestyle, and then, it suddenly came to him: Muesli! He began experimenting, using some of his favourite familiar and high-nutrient ingredients. After many trials, he came up with his first recipe. He decided to stick with what he found most vital in a meal, which included:

  • Natural, high-quality ingredients
  • High-protein
  • Preservative free
  • Dairy-free
  • Zero refined sugars

A year later, the launch was official! Oats My Goodness brand and product had become a reality. From the inception of their dream to the launch of each product, this team’s journey has been nothing short of exhilarating; they invite you along with a delicious taste!

The team’s goal is to assist as many people struggling with their nutrition journeys as possible by providing a balanced and delicious daily meal that complements the exciting path of achieving a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle.